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Morro Bay Golf Course
201 State Park Rd.
Morro Bay, CA 93442
(805) 772-1923

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Morro Bay  GC

March 30, 2017   Game: Criss Cross

Gross  Net
Flight 1
1st 37Leslie Rodman1st 27.5Judy Blakeley
2nd 28JoAnn Ice
3rd 28Kathy Hoversten
Flight 2
1st 42Pat Hilker1st 27Pat Dyer
2nd 27.5Ellen MacDonald
3rd 28.5Diane Civiello
Flight 3
1st 44Doris Nielson1st 25.5Joyce Anderson
2nd 26Linda Cruzan
3rd 26.5Janet Bradford

March 23, 2017   Game: Tee To Green

Gross  Net
Flight 1
1st 50 Loraine Ped1st 46Lorraine Kerr
2nd 47.5Jamie Boucher
Flight 2
1st 62Renee Punzi1st 49.5Ellen MacDonald
2nd 52.5Judy Blakeley
Flight 3
1st 72Linda Warren1st 54Linda Cruzan
2nd 54.5Lynn Lamb

March 16, 2017   Game: Ts & Fs

Gross  Net
Flight 1
1st 38Leslie Rodman1st 34Kathy Hoversten
2nd 34JoAnn Ice
Flight 2
1st 46Sue Birchell1st 30.5Ellen MacDonald
2nd 32June Minikel
Flight 3
1st 52Lynn Lamb1st 34.5Ingrid Siegel
2nd 35Marge McIntyre

March 9, 2017   Game: Association Day

Association Day Partners Better Ball at Dairy Creek results

Flight 1
Flight 2
2nd 65Carol Siegel
3rd 69Kathy Hoversten
3rd 69Marion Roberts
4th 70Renee Punzi
4th 70Toni Mayes
Flight 3
1st 65Judy Blakeley
1st 65Jamie Boucher
2nd 68Sharon Roemer
2nd 68Sharon Blakely
Flight 4
2nd 67Connie Edwards
2nd 67Pat Hilker
4th 72Ellen MacDonald
4th 72Doris Nielson

March 2, 2017   Game: Eclectic

Eclectic was held over 3 Thursdays

Gross  Net
Flight 1
1st 68Arlene Yost1st 59JoAnn Ice
2nd 73Leslie Rodman2nd 60Marion Roberts
Flight 2
1st 85Jamie Boucher1st 59Sue Birchell
2nd 90Renee Punzi2nd 63Pat Hilker
2nd 63Connie Edwards
Flight 3
1st 93Pat Dyer1st 58Mary Hough
2nd 97June Minikel2nd 60Lynn Lamb

March 2, 2017   Game: Presidents Cup

Pat Dyer was the Low Net Winner over the field and is our 2017 Presidents Cup Champion

Congratulations to Over the Field Net Winner

Pat Dyer

with a Net Score of 62

Flight 1
1st 70JoAnn Ice
Flight 2
1st 68Ellen MacDonald
Flight 3
2nd 65Pat Hilker