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Morro Bay Golf Course
201 State Park Rd.
Morro Bay, CA 93442
(805) 772-1923

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No results yet for 2024

March 30, 2023   Game: Tee To Green

Gross  Net
Flight 1
1st 49Toni Mayes1st 37Joan Rogers
2nd 56Jamie Boucher1st 37Lynne Haley
3rd 58Marion Roberts2nd 40Linda Collins
3rd 41Jane Voss
Flight 2
1st 65Donna Ferguson1st 35Lynn Lamb
2nd 67Kelly Kuster2nd 37Bea Anderson
2nd 67Vicki Campolmi3rd 40Bonnie Campbell
3rd 69Anne Russell
Flight 3
3rd 40Joyce Anderson

March 23, 2023   Game: Odd Holes

Gross  Net
Flight 1
1st 43Toni Mayes1st 38.5Margie Landis
2nd 47Peggy Nicoll2nd 39Michele Pugh
2nd 47Jamie Boucher
Flight 2
1st 47Kathy Hoversten1st 40Jean Wilt
2nd 52Lynne Haley2nd 42.5Linda Collins
2nd 42.5Betty Pinkerton
Flight 3
1st 52Judy Burley1st 40.5Ann Slate
2nd 58Bonnie Campbell2nd 43Diane Wyatt
2nd 58Lynn Lamb

March 16, 2023   Game: Players Agony

Gross  Net
Flight 1
1st 43Marion Roberts1st 41.5Peggy Nicoll
2nd 46Laurie Daniels2nd 42Toni Mayes
Flight 2
1st 53Anne Russell1st 40Kristine Lautrup
2nd 57Kathy Hoversten2nd 45.5Kelly Kuster
Flight 3
1st 56Lynn Lamb1st 41.5Sharon Blakely
2nd 56Ingrid Siegel2nd 43.5Judy Burley

March 9, 2023   Game: Par 4s

Association Day @ Santa Maria Country Club

Gross  Net
Flight 1
1st 41Jamie Boucher
3rd 43.5Peggy Nicoll
Flight 2
1st 49Michele Pugh3rd 42.5Katherine Hall
2nd 50Toni Mayes
Flight 3
2nd 55Kathy Hoversten2nd 43.5Kristen Hazard
Flight 4
1st 39.5Betty Pinkerton
2nd 44Kristine Lautrup
Flight 5
1st 62Bev Shaw2nd 47.5Julie Workman

March 2, 2023   Game: Gross, Net and Putts

Lowest Putts - 1st - Barb Agee 28 2nd Lynn Lamb 29

Gross  Net
Flight 1
1st 91Arlene Yost1st 75Barbara Agee
1st 91Julie Rodewald2nd 78Marion Roberts
2nd 92Margie Landis2nd 78Toni Mayes
2nd 78Jean Wilt
Flight 2
1st 104Judy Burley1st 75Joyce Anderson
1st 104Julie Workman2nd 77Lynn Lamb
2nd 108Connie Edwards3rd 79Bea Anderson