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Morro Bay Golf Course
201 State Park Rd.
Morro Bay, CA 93442
(805) 772-1923

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Calendar for the year 2024

January4Gross Net Putts; full handicap
11Players Delight (easiest 9 holes)
184 Clubs only (can only use 4 clubs, including the putter) - no posting
25Presidents Cup Net Game
29Kick Off Tournament at Rio Hondo Golf Clourse (Downey)
February1Mixer Team Game - Cha Cha Cha (1 best ball on first hole, 2 best balls on 2nd hole, 3 best balls on 3rd hole, 1 best ball on 4th hole, etc...) Net only
8Association Day at Blacklake (Low Gross Low Net)
15Match Play Day #1
22Match Play Day #2
29Match Play Day #3
March7Gross Net Putts; full handicap
14Association Day at Santa Maria Country Club (3-3-3 Best 3 Par 3s, 3 Par 4s and 3 Par 5s)
21Three Nasty Ladies (throw out your worst 3 holes)
27Course Aerification (Wednesday)
28Tee to Green - Must post scores
April4Mixer Team Game - Route 666 (1 best ball on first 6 holes, 2 best balls on 2nd 6 holes, 3 best balls on last 6 holes) Net only
8-9Away From Home Tournament at Indian Canyon Golf Resort (Palm Springs
11Association Day at Chalk Mountain; (If Only - deduct worst hole from the front and the back 9)
182 Fat Rats (deduct worst hole on front 9 and worst holes on back 9)
25Gold / White Combo Tees
May2Gross Net Putts; full handicap
9Association Day at Hunter Ranch (Full House - Best 2 Par 5s, 3 Par 3s and 4 Par 4s)
16Middle 9 (count scores on holes 6 thru 14)
23Club Championship
30Club Championship
June6Mixer Team Game - Tri Mutual (best 3 balls out of 4) Net only
11-12Eclectic Tournament at Singing Hills Golf Resort (El Cajon)
13Association Day at Cypress Ridge (Low Gross Low Net)
20Mutt and Jeff (count only par 3's and par 5's)
27Red White Blue (do not post your score)
July4No Golf - Happy 4th of July
11Association Day at Morro Bay (Partners Better Ball - 2 person team better ball of the 2 players)
18Ringer Week #1
Rancho Maria Stampede
25Ringer Week #2
August1Ringer Week #3
8Ringer Week #4
Association Day at Rancho Maria (High Low - deduct 1 worst hole and 1 best hole score)
12Senior Tournament at Tustin Ranch Golf Club (Tustin)
15Ringer Week #5
22Ringer Week #6
29Ringer Week #7
September5Gross Net Putts; full handicap
12Association Day at Mission Course (Bakers Dozen - your best 13 holes)
19Member Member
22-29Far Away Tournament at Crystal Springs Resort (New Jersey)
25Course Aerification (Wednesday)
26Tee to Green - Must post scores
October3Mixer Team Game - Waltz (1 low net score on hole 1, 2 net scores on hole 2, 3 net scores on hole 3, 1 net score on hole 4, etc...)
10Association Day at Paso Robles GC (Low Gross Low Net)
21-22WPLGASC Championship at Eagle Glen (Corona)
24O.N.E.S (count scores on holes starting with ONES - 1,6,7,8,9,11,16,17,18)
30-31SLO County Amateur **TENTATIVE DATES
November7Gross Net Putts; full handicap
14Association Day at River Course at Alisal (Easy Holes - sum of 9 easiest rated holes)
21Turkey Trot Team Scramble
December2Annual Meeting, Elections and Partners Better Ball Tournament at Anaheim Hills Golf Course (Anaheim)
5Mixer Team Game - 2 person Best Ball (2 person team game) Net only
12Association Day at Monarch Dunes (Criss Cross - select best scores on 1 or 10, 2 or 11, 3 or 12, etc...)
19Holiday Tournament & Tribute Luncheon
26No game - just a fun 4 hour ride / walk in the park